Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Beginning

It's been awhile since I came back to this fantasy world. I love this world. I missed this world but fantasy's always get in the way of reality and that was my case. Being caught up in fashion heaven made me forget that I had a perfect life and creating this fantasy of mine wouldn't benefit me anyway but keep me in this dream. Although I admit I have met some wonderful and awesome people on Stardoll. Thanks to my cousin, ellaprincess42 I was able to meet these people. In 2009 while visiting my cousin's house she introduced me to Stardoll. I was reluctant on making an account since I hated being girly but after being on this site for so long I have realized that the Stardoll community has many styles with in it. This is probably one of the reasons why I love Stardoll. After I made my first account MissFiji679 I didn't really pay attention to updating my account. I admit I was embarrassed to go on Stardoll sometimes because I was people would laugh at me. :/
One late afternoon, I though to myself to "have a go" at becoming a Stardoll addict. As ridiculous as this sounds this is actually what was going through my mind at the times. So for the next couple of months I began my journey in this fantasy world. <3

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